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100% Commission Apartment Locating in Texas

Become a Texas apartment locator with Central Metro Realty and keep 100% of the leasing commissions you earn! As an apartment locator with our firm, you can work and lease apartments in any real estate market in Texas. Stop giving away hundreds from each invoice to your current Broker and start keeping 100% of your commission.

Broker Accessibility & Support

Brokerages typically have a levels put in place and getting a hold of or getting questions answered by your Broker can be difficult. With Central Metro Realty, our Broker’s full-time job is managing our agents and the firm. Our Broker is Jason Huval and he’d love to hear from you! Call or text him anytime via 512.921.7537!

Keep 100% of Your Real Estate Commissions

If your brokerage providing outstanding service to your clients or is that you? Start earning what you are worth from YOUR transactions.  With Central Metro Realty, every person you help find an apartment for earns you 100% of that check!

IDX Site & Powerful CRM

Thinking of getting into sales? All agents of Central Metro Realty & Locating are provided with an IDX search site. Any apartments or lease listings on the MLS can be searched on this site!

Apartment Locating Office

Wanting to get back into a sales office surrounded by people with the same mission? We have a sales floor in Northwest Austin with a team of apartment locators on staff and some available spaces. You’ll enjoy all the amenities an office has to offer with extras like leads, collections, etc!

Get Paid FAST

You’ll set up direct deposit with our firm so when a apartment complex or management company sends us your check we’ll direct deposit it straight into your bank account.  

No MLS Membership Required

As an apartment locator, you don’t have to become a member of the MLS to operate your business. With Central Metro Realty, you are free to operate in any Texas real estate market you want to work in. 

Increase Your Earning Potential

!The math beyond our firm is simple. Your client leases an apartment for $1,500. With your current Broker, they probably take anywhere from 20-50% of that commission that is coming your way. Why? 

With our locating plan, that $1,500 is $1,475 in your pocket!

Making the Switch is Easy!

Our marketing team helps you make this as smooth as possible! We’ll design & order 250 premium business cards for you and help with an re-branding on marketing materials you use. Actually making the switch takes about an hour!

Resources for Apartment Locators

Blank Apartment Invoice

Blank Apartment Guest Card

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