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100% Commission Apartment Locating in Texas

Become a Texas apartment locator with Central Metro Realty and keep 100% of the leasing commissions you earn! As an apartment locator with our firm, you can work and lease apartments in any real estate market in Texas. Stop giving away hundreds from each invoice to your current Broker and start keeping 100% of your commission.

Broker Accessibility & Support

Brokerages typically have a levels put in place and getting a hold of or getting questions answered by your Broker can be difficult. With Central Metro Realty, our team of Brokers work full-time managing our agents and the firm. Getting in touch with your Broker is a breeze at Central Metro!

Keep 100% of Your Real Estate Commissions

Is your Broker providing your clients with outstanding service or is that you? Yet, agents still pay their Broker thousands at each closing. With Central Metro Realty, you’ll keep your commission and earn thousands more per closing!

Learn exactly how much you can save with Central Metro Realty using our 100% commission calculator.

IDX Site & Powerful CRM

When you sign up with Central Metro Realty you’ll have your own subdomain with a full IDX for the Austin, San Antonio, Houston & Dallas MLS markets. Your site connects directly with our powerful CRM system provided by Commissions Inc.

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Making the Switch is Easy

Making the move to our brokerage is easy and you start earning 100% commissions right from the start. Sign up here on our site and you will receive all of the materials needed to get started and our team will be in touch shortly!

Get Paid FAST

You’ll set up direct deposit with our firm so when a apartment complex or management company sends us your check we’ll direct deposit it straight into your bank account.  

No MLS Membership Required

As an apartment locator, you don’t have to become a member of the MLS to operate your business. With Central Metro Realty, you are free to operate in any Texas real estate market you want to work in!

Increase Your Earning Potential

The math is simple. Your client leases and apartment for $1,500. With your current Brokerage, they probably take anywhere from 20-50% of this commission. Why?

As a apartment locator with Central Metro Realty, the $1,500 you just earned is $1,475 in your pocket when it is all said and done!

Health Insurance Options

Texas real estate agents who are members of Central Metro Realty have access to health insurance coverage to keep them and their families covered. Agents are eligible to sign up and begin receiving benefits 14 days later!

Resources for Apartment Locators

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