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As new technologies and ideas enter the industry the landscape of the business is constantly evolving. Agents are beginning to realize that the traditional real estate brokerage is no longer needed for your business to be successful. If you’re an agent still giving away 20-50% of your commission to your Broker you should consider exactly what you’re getting in return for those thousands per closing. You earned that money, not your Broker! By joining Central Metro Realty, you’ll earn 100% of your commission at every closing and receive the same powerful tools to utilize.

Full Broker & Staff Support

Brokerages typically have a levels put in place and getting a hold of or getting questions answered by your Broker can be difficult. With Central Metro Realty, our team of Brokers work full-time managing our agents and the firm. Call or text a Broker with Central Metro Realty now – 512.351.7090!

Keep 100% of Your Real Estate Commissions

Is your Broker providing your clients with outstanding service or is that you? Yet, agents still pay their Broker thousands at each closing. With Central Metro Realty, you’ll keep your commission and earn thousands more per closing!

Learn exactly how much you can save with Central Metro Realty using our 100% commission calculator.

IDX Site & Powerful CRM

When you sign up with Central Metro Realty you’ll have your own subdomain with a full IDX for the Austin, San Antonio & Houston MLS markets. No matter where you are located you’ll have access to a powerful

WAOR & Secondary MLS Markets Available!

Maybe your in Waco but have clients located elsewhere in the state. Chances are we have a membership to MLS in their area. With 8 MLS memberships across the state, Central Metro is in every major metro market in Texas!

Get Paid the Same Day as Closing!

With Central Metro Realty you’ll get paid on the same day as your closing with no delays!

No E&O Fees. Ever.

The monthly fee you pay automatically covers the E&O for each transaction you close with Central Metro Realty. Say goodbye to E&O fees!

Increase Your Earning Potential

With Central Metro Realty, you’ll increase your earnings potential per transaction by doing what you are already doing. Our agents, on average, earn an extra $2,500 per closing!

Making the Switch is Easy!

Making the move to our brokerage is easy and you start earning 100% commissions right from the start. Sign up here on our site and you will receive all of the materials needed to get started and our team will be in touch shortly!

MLS or Non-MLS, Full-Time or Part-Time

At Central Metro Realty, our 100% commission structure is perfect for both full-time and part-time real estate agents. With the different plans we offer there is one that fits you no matter how dedicated you are to the business. Central Metro also offers a non-MLS brokerage that allows agents to save money on MLS membership costs. 

Take advantage of OpCity at Central Metro Realty!

Central Metro Realty is partnered with OpCity to offer our agents access to their lead generation program. You can learn more about the program they offer Realtors here

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Crunch The Numbers!

Use our 100% commission calculator to see how much money you would have saved with Central Metro Realty compared to your current brokerage over the last 12 months.

Mentorship for New Agents Available!

Speak to a Broker today to learn more - 512.351.7090

Capture Leads With Your Own IDX Subdomain

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