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TREC Addendum for Back Up Contract Texas Real Estate

VIDEO: How to Transfer Your Real Estate License on TREC

Learn how to use trec.texas.gov to request sponsorship from your real estate brokerage.

texas real estate option period explained by texas real estate broker

VIDEO: Texas Real Estate Option Period Explained

Learn about the option period and what it provides. 

One to Four Family Residential Contract Texas Real Estate Form

VIDEO: 1-4 Family Contact Complete Walk Through

Texas real estate Broker walks you through the entire 1-4 Contract used by Texas real estate agents.

TREC Addendum for Back Up Contract Texas Real Estate

VIDEO: How to Invoice a Lease as a Texas Real Estate Agent

Learn best practices for invoicing apartment communities, etc in Texas.

link IABS in email TREC texas real estate agents

VIDEO: How to Link Your IABS to Your Email Signature

Learn how to make your IABS readily available by linking it to your email signature.

contingency offers explained texas real estate

VIDEO: Contingency Offers in Texas Real Estate Explained

Learn about contingency offers and their role in Texas real estate transactions.

TREC Addendum for Back Up Contract Texas Real Estate

VIDEO: TREC’s ‘Addendum for Back-Up Contract’ Form

Learn about TREC’s Back-Up Contract form and when you should use it during your real estate transaction.

how and when to use TAR 1409 intermediary relationship notice form

VIDEO: TXR-1409 Intermediary Relationship Notice

Learn about form TXR-1409 and when you should be using it in your Texas real estate transactions.

MLS Membership in Texas real estate agent

VIDEO: Types of MLS Memberships in Texas Real Estate

Learn about the different membership types to the MLS systems across Texas.

change texas real estate brokers

How to Change Real Estate Brokerages in Texas

Learn how to switch your license from one brokerage to the next using the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website.

TXR-1945 Notice of Withdrawal of Offer Texas Real Estate Forms

VIDEO: TXR-1945 Notice of Withdrawal of Offer

Learn about TXR-1945 Notice of Withdrawal of Offer form from the Texas Association of Realtors.