Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about 100% commissions or more? Below are the some of the more common ones we hear.

Will I have Broker support?

Yes! Our Founding Broker, Jason Huval, doesn’t sell anymore and is a full-time manager of the firm. He is joined by our team of Brokers at Central Metro Realty with years of experience buying & selling real estate and helping agents do the same! You can contact Jason or Vito Raymond at anytime to discuss our firm. Call or text our broker team via 737.249.9010.

How much money will I save working with Central Metro Realty?

Our agents earn an average of $2,500 more per closing! Use our 100% real estate commission calculator to learn how much you can save with Central Metro Realty!

Hint: It’s a lot!

Can I start a team with Central Metro with my own commission splits?

Yes! If you’d like to build a team with Central Metro Realty it’s simple. Every member of your team must be on our 100 plan. After that, you are free to set your custom splits with those working on your team. Our real estate business model is excellent for individuals who would like to run and manage a real estate sales team in Texas!

Do you provide leads?

Central Metro Realty is partnered with providers such as OpCity to provide leads to our agents from referral partners.

We don’t actively provide leads to our Realtors as our fees are to low to generate them via paid sources. Our software suite is easy to integrate with the many lead companies in our industry and your leads can automatically populate our CRM. You can view a sample agent IDX site by visiting our real estate search site. We give you the tools to run lead acquisition campaigns should you want to.

Are my leads protected if I upload my database into your CRM?

Your data belongs to you. Any business you generate is yours to keep with Central Metro Realty and if you choose to leave at anytime your database will leave with you!

How long does it take to sign up?

Getting started with Central Metro Realty is quick and simple! Signing up takes less than an hour and is done via DocuSign. Once that is complete, you’ll need to request sponsorship via TREC and inform your chosen Board of Realtors of your move. After that, you’ll be a part of Central Metro Realty!

What areas can Central Metro Realty agents work in Texas?

Central Metro Realty’s physical office is headquartered in Austin, Texas but our service area spans the state. We have agents in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Greater Houston, Waco, Killeen, San Marcos and more! We also offer a non-MLS brokerage for any agent not utilizing an board membership. Apartment Locators looking to keep 100% of their leasing commissions can also operate anywhere in Texas with Central Metro Realty!

Do you have physical locations?

Yes. We have our headquarters in Austin, Texas. The majority of our agents, especially in other markets, operate remotely. If you ever need us you’ll know where to find us!

Which MLS systems are you a part of?

Central Metro Realty is a part of the following MLS systems: ABOR, SABOR, MetroTex, HAR, FHAAR, Four Rivers, WCAOR, and the Waco Association of Realtors.

Do I need to be a member of an MLS to join your firm?

No. Central Metro Realty offers a non-MLS brokerage to our agents who may be doing primarily apartment locating or new home sales.

Can I do real estate part-time with Central Metro Realty?

Yes. Central Metro Realty offers multiple 100% commission plans that are set up to compliment your business whether real estate is part-time or full-time for you! We do not have any sales quotas at Central Metro Realty.

How do I get paid at closing?

Once your sale is through the option period you will submit your documents to our dedicated in-house staff. A disbursement authorization will be sent to title and you’ll get paid at closing. Simple and fast!

To make it easy we went ahead and built a Disbursement Authorization Generator for Texas real estate agents! As a Central Metro Realty agent you can submit your paperwork to our team using the New Transaction page.

Are there any hidden fees when working at Central Metro Realty?

Absolutely not! Central Metro Realty was built by agents, for agents. You’ll never be surprised by a hidden fee as long as you’re with our firm. The only fees you will ever pay to Central Metro are completely outlined in our paperwork.

We strive to run an ethical company. We’ll never hold an agent ‘hostage’ at our firm by taking more money from them should they decide to leave nor are we going to give you discounts based on the number of agents you can get to sign up with our firm. Our focus is on providing quality brokerage support while allowing agents to work in a system that benefits them the most!

What are the E&O costs per transaction?

Your E&O is included in you 100% commission plan with Central Metro Realty. You’ll never pay a per transaction E&O fee!

Is your software suite (lead gen site and CRM) included in the cost?

Yes! You’ll gain access to our software suite when you sign up with Central Metro and you’ll never pay for it!

Are you a HUD certified brokerage?

Yes, Central Metro Realty is a HUD-approved brokerage with NAID. Our HUD information is available under our Texas Real Estate Forms page under Resources.

Do you provide training at your Brokerage?

Central Metro Realty doesn’t offer formal training events to our agents. Instead, we take the questions we regularly hear from our agents and turn them into teaching moments. Check out our blog or Texas Real Estate Videos page to check out some educational real estate content for Texas.

Mentorship is available for those looking to learn the ropes of Texas real estate and boost their knowledge of how everything operates. To explore our mentorship program with Central Metro Realty please contact us via 512.351.7090.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy and quick! You can visit the page that outlines the 100% commission plans we offer, fill out the form below or contact a Broker via 512.351.7090. We look forward to working with you!


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