How to Link Your Information About Brokerage Services Form to Your Real Estate Twitter Profile

for Texas Real Estate Agents

In the below guide, we’ll show Texas real estate agents how to link their information abour brokerage services form to their real estate associated Twitter account. It’s important to note that alongside an IABS form, Texas real estate agents must also link a TREC consumer protection notice to their Twitter account to meet compliance.

Per TREC guidelines, when a social media platform is being used as a business page/website, the link must be located on:

  • the account profile, or
  • a separate page or website and placed as a direct link on the social media profile / account profile page.

To get started linking your IABS and CPN to your Twitter account, you’ll need a completed information about brokerage services form. You can obtain a blank form from TREC’s website or use our IABS generator that we built for Texas real estate agents! The consumer protection notice requires nothing to be filled out, but still must be presented. You can obtain both of these forms by using the links below!

download TREC information about brokerage services form for Facebook page

Generate a TREC compliant IABS form using our generator!

download TREC information about brokerage services form for Facebook page

To get a link for the consumer protection notice, just copy the link below to your clipboard!

Using the generator above allows you to fill out an IABS form and the final copy of it will be emailed to you instantly. Once you have this form you will need to have it hosted online somewhere so that it can be linked too. Your Broker may host this form for you on your company’s website, but one of these easiest, free ways to do so is using Google Drive or DropBox. Below we’ll provide a full-walkthrough from the moment you have your completed IABS form:

To get started, visit Google Drive and upload your completed Information About Brokerage Services form. This tool is available via and requires you to have a Google account. As an alternative, you can use DropBox for this same thing if you prefer that. This step allows you to host your form online so it is always available to those who have access to your IABS link.

visit google drive in your browser

Using your internet browser, visit as shown in the image.

click 'new' in google drive to upload your IABS file

Once you are logged into Google Drive, you should see a +New button similar to the one in the image.

click file upload to upload your file from your hard drive to google drive

 Once you click the +New button, a drop-down menu should appear that looks the like the one in the image. From here you will want to select ‘File Upload‘.

find your information about brokerage services on your local hard drive

 After clicking ‘File Upload‘, Windows Explorer will pop up showing the contents of your hard drive. Just navigate to the location you saved your completed IABS form that you received in the email from the generator. Once you’ve located your file select it and then click the ‘Open‘ button in the bottom right corner of the panel.

select get link after right clicking the file

 Right-click the IABS file that you just uploaded and select ‘Get Link‘.

select get link after right clicking the file

 After clicking ‘Get Link‘, a new window will pop up that looks like the image. You’ll want to make sure you set it so that ‘anyone with the link’ can access the file and then click ‘Copy link‘.

Now you have you information about brokerage services form safely hosted on the web and you’re ready to link to your Twitter profile.

Now visit Twitter and login to your account. 

Twitter doesn’t offer users much customization outside a few images and colors so there isn’t necessarily a place such as an ‘about me‘ for you to use for these links. Instead, best practice for Texas real estate agents when linking their IABS and CPN to their Twitter profiles is to tweet the links and pin that tweet to the top of your profile link.

To do so, create a new tweet for your profile and set it up like the following:

Information About Brokerage Services – [*insert your link for Google Drive hosted IABS*]


Consumer Protection Notice –

Your tweet should appear similar like ours below! You’ll notice the ‘Pinned Tweet‘ notification that displays on our Tweet. This is to signify that this tweet will stay stationary at the top of our profile and visible to the public!

how to pin your IABS tweet to top of twitter profile
Pinning a tweet is easy and can be done in seconds. All you need to do is click the three dots in the top right corner of your tweet and select the option to ‘Pin to Your Profile‘.

Just like that your Twitter profile is in compliance with TREC! 

Do you use other social medias for your real estate business? Learn how to link your Information About Brokerage Services form to your real estate Facebook page, Pinterest, LinkedIn profiles.

For more information about TREC’s social media requirements for Texas real estate agents you can read more at

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