Requirements For Getting a Texas Real Estate License in 2023

Interested in getting your Texas real estate license? Below are the requirements from the Texas Real Estate Commission for individuals looking to obtain their Texas real estate license.

The requirements to get a real estate license in Texas are:

age requirements for Texas real estate license

Applicants Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older

TREC requires anyone who holds an active real estate license to be age 18 or above.

Individuals who are younger than 18 but interested in getting their real estate license can work on the education requirements for the license, but cannot sit for the final test until they turn 18.

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Applicants Must be a U.S. Citizen

TREC requires active license holders to be citizens of the United States of America. 

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

Applicants Must Meet TREC's Qualifications for Honesty, Trustworthiness & Integrity

Being a real estate agent in Texas carries a lot of responsibility. Agents have a responsibility to work with the public in a moral manner and with integrity.

Individuals seeking their Texas real estate license will be subject to a background check as well as fingerprinting. Agents with a past criminal history or history of misconduct should consider requesting a fitness determination test from TREC before applying for their real estate license.

Steps You Need to Take to Get Started with Your Texas Real Estate License

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

File Your Application For Your Real Estate License with the Texas Real Estate Commission

Individuals can submit their applications for licensing and appropriate fees online using TREC’s Online Services portal. You can also submit your application via mail using TREC’s paper application.

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

Get Your Fingerprints Taken and Pass a Background Check

Any individual who is interested in getting their Texas real estate license is required to have their fingerprints on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). This is so that a background check can be performed. Any fingerprints you may have on file with another government agency will not be accepted.

Background checks are required and a license will not be issued to any individuals who cannot pass.

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

Obtain The Required Education

TREC requires new licensees to obtain 180 hours of qualifying real estate courses. The breakdown of the classes that are required are as follows:

  • Principles of Real Estate I (30 Hours)
  • Principles of Real Estate II (30 Hours)
  • Law of Agency (30 Hours)
  • Law of Contracts (30 Hours)
  • Promulgated Contract Forms (30 Hours)
  • Real Estate Finance (30 Hours)

Agents can take the required courses for new licenses, as well as courses for continuing education requirements, using one of the many TREC-approved Texas real estate education providers. Agents must submit their completed course work to TREC once they are finished.

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

Schedule & Take the Texas Real Estate Exam

All Texas real estate license exams are administered by PearsonVUE. Individuals who have signed up to take the exam will be sent a notice with instructions for scheduling the exam and obtaining a copy of the handbook for the exam.

Individuals who fail to pass the exam after three attempts will be required to meet further education requirements.

TREC honesty trustworthiness and integrity test

You Passed! Now Find a Sponsoring Broker

Congratulations! You’ve met all the requirements and TREC has granted you an inactive license.

Now you need to find a Texas real estate brokerage to sponsor your real estate license.  

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