MLS Membership Requirements for Texas Real Estate Agents

Are Texas Agents Required to Join the MLS?

In this video, Jason goes over MLS Membership Requirements for Texas Agents and the options agents have when it comes to the MLS. 

In Texas, real estate agents are required to be members of the MLS if their sponsoring brokerage is a member. However, not all agents need the MLS to operate their business. Agents practicing primarily in referrals, apartment locating, new home sales, etc don’t need access to the MLS to operate their business. 

What options do these agents have? Some brokerages offer a non-MLS option to agents. This allows agents to avoid the costs MLS membership and save more of their money! If your Broker is not a member of the MLS, you ARE NOT required to join the MLS as an agent. 

Agents can still join an MLS associated brokerage without a membership themselves, but this subjects them to a ‘non-member fee’ they must pay to stay in compliance with the Board. 

Central Metro Realty offers both an MLS and a non-MLS brokerage to our agents. This gives our agents the ability to operate as they see fit with their real estate business. Learn more about the 100% commission plans we offer!

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