Transaction Coordination

Central Metro Realty is thrilled to offer transaction coordination and even better for our agents, we offer the service at a discount of market price. We strive to make the administrative burden as light as we can all while getting you paid quickly.

Transaction Coordination Services

What We Do

Review New Contracts

Check for missing signatures and ensure there are no missing forms needed (based on the type of transaction). If signatures are missing, we will send out for signatures via docusign.

Ensuring Accuracy of Documents

Ensure all agents, buyers and sellers, title and the lender if applicable have up-to-date executed contracts.

Deposit Money

Assist in coordinating Earnest and option money deposits.

Timeline of Expectations

Set timeline calendar for agents, buyers and sellers on all critical dates

Reminder of Events

Remind agents of all critical dates at least one day before they are due.

Draft Assistance

Assist with drafting and sending amendments for signatures as requested by you.

Appointment Setting

Coordinate with your buyer or seller to set appointments for inspections as instructed by you.

Permissions & Reports

Coordinate gathering permissions and sending inspection reports as instructed by you.


Request receipts or other documentation as needed for proof of repairs per the contract.

Home Warranties

Order home warranties where applicable and as instructed by you.

Survey Reports

Ensure the survey is ordered within the time prescribed by the contract or as instructed by you.

Appraisal Appointments

Work with the lender to order and coordinate appraisals as required.

HOA Coordination

Ensure the HOA docs are ordered within the time prescribed by the contract or as instructed by you.

Keeping Your Client Informed

Keep the buyer and/or seller informed with weekly updates on the file or sooner as updates become available. This includes lender updates.

Timely Delivery

Ensure timely delivery of the title commitment to you when available.

Buyer Shopping Assistance

Assist Buyer in shopping insurance with our partner group. Ask how you can get paid from this.

Utility Coordination

Provide buyers with a list of utility providers for their new home and send reminders to buyer/seller to connect or disconnect utilities prior to closing.

Title Coordination

Coordinate buyer and/or seller requests from Title.

Document Preview

Request a preview of closing docs to review for all parties.

“Clear to Close”

Inform all parties once we have a “Clear to Close”.

Broker Coordination

Upload and/or coordinate with your broker and their compliance system to deliver contract documents to them.

Required Documents

Complete and/or assist with all broker required documentation include a Commission Disbursement Authorization form (CDA) where applicable.

Scheduling Closing

Assist in scheduling closing for you and your clients.

Gift Coordination

Coordinate closing gifts as instructed by you, if requested.

Rekey Coordination

Coordinate a rekey as instructed by you if requested.

Final Document Delivery

Post closing or as requested, send you a complete copy of all documents from the transaction.

Buyer Property Tax Assistance

Post closing, assist new buyers in setting up a property tax protest account.

Transaction Coordination Services

What We Charge

Central Metro Agents

Buyer TC: $250.00 Per Transaction

Listing TC: $250.00 Per Transaction

non-CMR Agents

Buyer TC: $350.00 Per Transaction

Listing TC: $350.00 Per Transaction

Our services are for transaction coordination only. We do not coordinate your listings, or input any MLS data. However, our services provided once you’ve negotiated a contract are below. We charge a $75 deposit for all sales, the rest is paid at closing. In the event a sale falls through you will not have any further obligation beyond the deposit to pay for the service.

Put Your Transaction on AutoPilot

Transaction Coordinator

Take advantage of the services outlined above and get started with a transaction coordinator today!

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