How to Send a Sponsorship Request Using TREC’s Website

In this video, Jason goes over the process of using TREC’s ‘manage my license’ tool to send a sponsorship request to a real estate brokerage in Texas. You can follow the guide below to help walk you through the process of transferring your Texas real estate license.

Sending a Sponsorship Request using

To get started transferring your license using TREC’s website, you will need to visit and login to your account. This account would have been set up when you first received your license from the real estate commission.

1. Once on their website, you can login to your account at the top right of the homepage.

Login to your account using the fields highlighted by the red box below!

Logging in to your TREC account online to manage your license

2. Select the ‘Manage My Sponsorship’ from the dropdown menu under ‘Change my license information and manage sponsorships’.

After you login to your TREC account, you will see a screen that looks similar to the one below. Under the section ‘Change your license information and manage sponsorships‘ you will see a drop-down menu. Click this menu to drop it down. In the list of options, you see in the drop-down, you will select the ‘Manage My Sponsorship (Sales)‘ option as seen in the image. Once you’ve made the selection, click the blue ‘next’ button to proceed.

manage sponsorship on

3. Initiate the sponsorship request

Once you’ve pressed ‘next’ on step 2, you will see a screen that looks similar to the screenshot below. As the image suggests be sure you click the ‘Manage My List‘ tab on the left-hand sidebar. Once you are on this tab you should see a blue ‘request sponsorship’ button towards the bottom of the screen (#2 from the image). Click the ‘Request Sponsorship‘ button.  You’ll notice it displays your current sponsoring Broker here unless you are a new agent.

click the request sponsorship button to initiate your license transfer

4. Fill out the search criteria

Once you press the ‘request sponsorship’ a pop-up window show on your screen with several fields to fill out and search from a brokerage to request sponsorship from. Instead of filling out all of the fields and searching, you’ll only really need to fill out two of the fields to perform a search. Following the image below, fill out the ‘License Type‘ field and the ‘License #‘ field and click the blue ‘Search‘ button in the bottom right of the pop-up window.

Your new Broker should have or will provide you with the information to find them using this online tool. For agents wanting to join Central Metro Realty you can follow the below steps to request sponsorship from either our MLS or non-MLS firm:

Central Metro Realty
MLS Firm

License Type: Real Estate Company
License #: 588680

Central Metro Realty
non-MLS Firm

License Type: Real Estate Company
License #: 9004571

search for a new sponsorship broker Texas Real Estate Commission

5. Verify the license # and brokerage match

After you’ve entered the criteria to search for your intended brokerage or sponsor and pressed send you will see a result pop-up below these search fields. If the criteria you’ve entered matches the information registered by the brokerage with TREC, check the box to the left of the search result (#1) and then click the ‘Request‘ button (#2).

6. WAIT – You haven’t completed the sponsorship request just yet!

TREC’s website UI isn’t very user friendly and a lot of agents get stuck in this spot. From what you can tell and everything you see it appears the request has been sent. It hasn’t. 

Review the image below. You’ll see it shows the new brokerage in the previous window now and has an ‘UNDO Request‘ button for you to click. Despite what this says, you aren’t done yet. To continue once you are here, be sure to click the blue ‘Next‘ button in the lower right hand corner of the window.

7. Submit the Request

Once you click ‘Next‘ in Step 5, you will be redirected to an ‘Application Summary‘ tab reviewing the information about the brokerage you are about to request sponsorship from. Verify that the information is correct and if so, click ‘Submit‘.

Once submitted, you will receive an auto-email from TREC with your application summary confirming that the request has been sent to the Broker.

Note: there is no need to terminate your previous Broker’s sponsorship of you. Once your request is sent to a new Broker TREC’s system will automatically terminate your previous sponsorship. 

Once you click ‘Submit‘ the following screen will appear. Check the ‘Yes‘ box and click the blue ‘Next‘ button.

That’s it!

Your sponsorship request has been sent by TREC to your intended Brokerage. Once they accept your license you will be good to go!


Have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers!

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